To create your keepsake blanket I use all the cutest part of the clothes that you send me: the motifs; embroidery; pockets; buttons; frills and many more. I design the patchwork section of the blanket using my experience and creativity to create something truly beautiful and unique, but if there are any particularly special details on your child’s clothes you can specify that I use them. Each blanket has a cotton border and a soft fleecy backing. Please see the gallery, my Facebook page or Twitter for more examples of blankets I have created.

Size Items needed Description
Small 7 to 8 This is a square shaped blanket and, when finished, is a minimum of 60cm x 60cm. It is perfect for preserving those precious newborn memories as it can usually be made once your baby is a couple of months old and has grown out of his/her first babygrows.
Medium around 13 This is a rectangle shaped blanket and, when finished, is a minimum of 70cm x 90cm. This is a perfect for decoration on a cot or for snuggling on the sofa.
Large around 22 This is usually a large square or slight rectangle shaped blanket with a minimum size of 100cm x 100cm.


There are numerous ways for you to make your special blanket or cushion truly personal to you and your little one:

The border

All my blankets have a thin inner border and a chunkier outer border. The choice of border is completely up you. Firstly, take a look at some of my previous blankets to see if any of them catch your eye or give you any ideas. Some of the most popular patterns include: stars; gingham; polka dot; and stripes. Some people request other styles such as: animals; cars; butterflies; hearts; foxes; etc. Feel free to suggest anything you want and I will try and find a fabric to suit you.


Each blanket can have a large initial sewn incorporated for free, in a matching or contrasting fabric, to your chosen border.

Full name

I can sew on your child’s full name in a matching or contrast fabric to your chosen border for an extra cost of £1.50 per letter.

Embroidered patch

For extra personalisation you can have a patch (6x6 inches approx.) included onto your blanket with either your child’s birth details (DOB, time, weight) or a short message with your choice of wording and colour stitching. Each patch incurs a cost of £6.00.

Christmas Stockings

If you, like me, go overboard at Christmas and buy your little one lots of cute Santa, elf and reindeer clothes then you are probably looking for a useful way to remember your child’s early Christmas experiences. Using at least 5/6 of your Christmas items I can create a large Christmas Stocking for you to fill up with pressies every Christmas for years to come. Each Christmas Stocking can include your child’s name or initials, has a bobble trim and is fully lined. Please see the gallery, my Facebook page or Twitter for more examples.


These would make a gorgeous addition to any nursery or cot. My decorative cushions have a distinctive style which uses a baby grow/sleep suit as the centre piece with a patchwork design around it, all framed by your choice of border. The sleep suit for the centre must be a minimum or 3-6 months in size and have poppers running down the centre of the garment. As always, please see the gallery, my Facebook page or Twitter for example.

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